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mercredi 13 août 2008

Miely Cyrus, All I want for christmas

In honor of Christmas in July
Miley Cyrus, all i want for christmas
Downloand audio , and video + watch on youtube
Have fun !

All i want for Christmas

All i want for Christmas

and watch

lundi 4 août 2008

Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus : Best Of Both World Concert Audio

01 Rock Star
02 Life's What You Make It
03 Just Like You
04 Nobody's Perfect
05 I Got Nerve
06 We Got The Party
07 When You Look Me In The Eyes
08 Year 3000
09 Start All Over
10 See You Again
11 Let's Dance
12 I Miss You
13 G.N.O.
14 Best Of Both Worlds

01 Rock Star
02 Life's What You Make It
03 Just Like You
04 Old Blue Jeans
05 Nobody's Perfect
06 Pumpin' Up The Party
07 I Got Nerve
08 We Got The Party
09 When You Look Me In The Eyes1
0 Year 3000
11 Start All Over
12 Good And Broken
13 See You Again
14 Let's Dance
15 Right Here
16 East Northumberland High
17 G.N.O.
18 Best Of Both Worlds
19 Exit Jam (We Got The Party REMIX)
20 I Miss You


Credit Go to :

Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Bobw Concert 2D movie, Family Channel (CANADA)

Sunday , july 27th 2008 12/13c
The movie premier on family channel. in 2D
Medium Quality, widescreen
(Incompleted), the movie start to life what you make it

Download in link part
Part1 Part2
Part3 Part4
Part5 Part6
Part7 Part8

part = 200 mb
eception part 13 =123 mb

dimanche 3 août 2008

Hannah Montana Episode - First Season

Episode 1 - Lilly, Do You Want to Know a Secret?
Episode 2 - Miley Get Your Gum
Episode 3 - She's A Super Sneak
Episode 4 - I Can't Make You Love Hannah If You Don't
Episode 5 - It's My Party, And I'll Lie If I Want To
Episode 6 - Grandmas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Play Favorites
Episode 7 - It's a Mannequin's World
Episode 8 - Mascot Love
Episode 9 - Ooh, Ooo, Itchy Woman
Episode 10 - O Say, Can You Remember the Words?
Episode 11 - Oops! I Meddled Again
Episode 12 - On the Road Again
Episode 13 - You're So Vain, You Probably Think This Zit Is About You
Episode 14 - New Kid In School
Episode 15 - More Than a Zombie To Me
Episode 16 - Good Golly, Miss Dolly
Episode 17 - Torn Between Two Hannahs
Episode 18 - People Who Use People
Episode 19 - Money for Nothing, Guilt for Free
Episode 20 - Debt it Be
Episode 21 - My Boyfriend's Jackson and There's Gonna be Trouble
Episode 22 - We Are Family: Now Get Me Some Water!
Episode 23 - Schooly Bully
Episode 24 - The Idol Side of Me
Episode 25 - Smells Like Teen Sellout
Episode 26 - Bad Moose Rising

Credit Go To :

Hannah Montana Episodes - Second Season

Episode 1 - Me and Rico Down by the School Yard
Episode 2 - Cuffs Will Keep Us Together
Episode 3 - You Are So Sue-Able To Me
Episode 4 - Get Down Study-udy-udyEpisode 5 - I Am Hannah, Hear Me Croak
Episode 6 - You Gotta Not Fight for Your Right to Party
Episode 7 - My Best Friend's Boyfriend
Episode 8 - Take This Job and Love It!
Episode 9 - Achy Jakey Heart - Part 1
Episode 10 - Achy Jakey Heart - Part 2
Episode 11 - Sleepwalk This Way
Episode 12 - When You Wish You Were The Star
Episode 13 - I Want You To Want Me... To Go To Florida
Episode 14 - Everybody Was Best friend Fighting
Episode 15 - Song Sung Bad
Episode 16 - Me & Mr. Jonas & Mr. Jonas & Mr. Jonas
Episode 17 - Don't Stop Til You Get The Phone
Episode 18 - That's what Friends Are For
Episode 19 - Lilly's Mom Has Got it Goin' On
Episode 20 - I Will Always Loathe You
Episode 21 - Bye Bye Ball
Episode 22 - We're So Sorry Uncle Earl
Episode 23 - The Way We Almost Weren't

Credit Go to :

samedi 2 août 2008

Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Bobw Concert 3D movie, Family Channel (CANADA)

Saturday , july 26th 2008 8/7c
The movie premier on family channel. in 3D
Medium Quality,
The movie in 2d is completed (full version)

Download in link part
Part1 Part2
Part3 Part4
Part5 Part6
Part7 Part8
Part9 Part10
Part11 Par12

part = 200 mb
eception part 13 =123 mb

mardi 29 juillet 2008

Hannah montana Concert , LIve in London

Life what you make it
nobody's perfect
Make some noise
Pumping up the party now
Best of both world

Backstage !! And More

Download the concert video here

mardi 22 juillet 2008

Miley Cyrus Performance

Miley Cyrus Performance at
The Americane idol

See You Again
Good And Broken
Give Back Red Carpet
clik to the song for watch

Miley Cyrus Live Performance On GMA
Video & Audio Download

TV Live Version
Fly On The Wall
7 Thinghs
See You Again

Live Version
Bottom Of The Océan

Please wait, Enter Code, Right-click 'Click here to
download', Save target as/save link as , Save

Video Download
7 Things or Watch
Fly On the Wall or Watch
See You Again or Watch
Bottom Of The Ocean or Watch

dimanche 13 juillet 2008

Hannah Montana And Miley Cyrus Album

Miley Cyrus , Beakout

01. Breakout
02. 7 thighs

03. The Driveway
04. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
05. Full Circle
06. Fly On The Wall
07. Bottom of The Ocean
08. Wake Up America
09. These Four Walls
10. Simple Song
11. Goodbye
12. See You Again Remix


Hannah Montana Soundtrack


01. The Best Of Both Worlds
02. Who Said
03. Just Like You
04. Pumpin' Up The Party
05. If We Were A Movie
06. I Got Nerve
07. The Other Side Of Me
08. This Is The Life
09. Pop Princess - The Click Five
10. She's No You - Jessie McCartney
11. Find Yourself in You – Everlife
12. Shining Star - B5
13. I Learned From You - Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus


Hannah Montana Non-Stop Dance Party

01. One In a Million
02. True Friend
03. Old Blue Jeans
04. Make Some Noise
05. Nobody's Perfect
06. Rock Star
07. Life's What You Make It
08. We Got the Party
09. You and Me Together
10 Bigger Than Us
11. This is the Life (Remix) (Wal-Mart exclusive)


Chris Cox Megamix
Nobody's Perfect - Live from London
Life's What You Make It - Live from London
Photo slideshow
Printable party invitations

Hannah Montana 2 OST

01. We Got The Party
02. Nobody's Perfect
03. Make Some Noise
04. Rock Star
05. Old Blue Jeans
06. Life's What You Make It
07 One In A Million
08 Bigger Than Us
09. You and Me Together
10. True Friend


Meet Miley Cyrus

01. See You Again
02. East Northumberland High
03 Let's Dance
04. G.N.O. (Girl's Night Out)
05 Right Here
06 As I Am
07. Start All Over
08. Clear
09 .Good and Broken
10. I Miss You


Hannah Montana Karaoke Serie

[Istrumental] Versions
01. Pumpin' Up the Party
02. Who Said
03. I Got Nerve
04. Best of Both Worlds
05. If We Were a Movie
06. Other Side of Me
07. This is the Life
08. Just Like You

[Vocal] Versions
09. Pumpin' Up the Party
10. Who Said
11. I Got Nerve
12. Best of Both Worlds
13. If We Were a Movie
14. Other Side of Me
15. This is the Life1
16. Just Like You


Hannah Montana 2 Karaoke Serie

[instrumental] versions

01 We got to party
02 Nobodys perfect
03 make some noise
04 rockstar
05 lifes what you make it
06 One in a million
07 Bigger than us
08 True Friend

[vocal] version
09. we got to party
10. Nobody's perfect
11. Make some noise
12. Rockstar
13. lifes what you make it
14. 1 in a million
15. bigger than us
16 True Friend


Miley Cyrus Karaoke Serie


01. See You Again
02. Start All Over
03. G.N.O. (Girl's Night Out)
04. Let's Dance
05. East Northumberland High
06. Right Here
07. As I Am
08. I Miss you


Hannah montana And miley cyrus
Best of both world concert CD + DVD

Disc 1

01. Rock Star
02. Life's What You Make It
03. Just Like You
04. Nobody's Perfect
05. Pumpin' Up the Party
06. We Got The Party ft. Jonas Brothers

07. Start All Over
08. See You Again
09. Let's Dance
10. East Northumberland High
11. Girls Night Out (G.N.O)
12. The Best of Both Worlds ft. Hannah Montana


vendredi 11 juillet 2008

Hannah Montana episode

You Didn't Tell Us It Was Your birthday


Episode: 2xn 2 Episode #29)
Name: You Didn't Say It Was Your BirthdayOriginally Aired: Jul. 06, 2008

Miley and Jackson have to hurry at the last minute
and throw together a party for Robbie Ray's 40th birthday
which they have forgotten. Lily and Oliver have found a
chip that resembles Darth Vader and try to t
ake bids on it until Rico claims it as his own

Joanie. B Goode


best of both world concert backstage

Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus BoBw Concert 2D Movie , DIsney Channel (Asia)

Go to
Tanks you to Dee for the movie !!


Or Go to :
HM-&-MC.BLOGSPOT.COM for watch the movie with

Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus BoBw Concert 3D Movie, Disney Channel (Asia)

Go to
Tanks you dee for the movie


Or downlod full concert in .wmv

Or Go to : HM-AND-MC.BLOGSPOT.COM for watch the movie with